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Workflow Automation Solutions


Looking for a smoother business process? Caprivi has developed a solution for typical industry problems such as Employee Onboarding, SharePoint Contract Management, CapEx Request Management (CapEx360), EHS Incident Management (EHS) Software and others too.  We offer workflow solutions that will better your business.

Who are We?


The leadership staff at Caprivi Solutions has been involved in developing workflow solutions since 1999.  The main objective was to solve common industry problems by building solutions using a code free and reusable workflow platform maintainable by customers.  The Employee Onboarding Solution was the first one to be developed as the business case can easily be made for it.  The CapEx Management Software (CapEx360) and SharePoint Contract Management Solution followed shortly thereafter and are all built off the same reusable platform.


Key Differentiators of our Software Solutions are:

Powerful drag and drop configuration interface ensures the solution maps to your business process

Application data can either be stored on premise or on  secured cloud storage

The solution is open, extendable and data is easily surfaced for reporting

Single sign on using your network account

The solution framework and licenses are reusable for other processes

Customers can administer, maintain and modify their own solutions knowing that if mistakes are made, they can easily roll back to previous versions.


Caprivi's implementation program includes formal training that ensures you can reuse, modify and maintain the solution yourself.


Caprivi Solutions also provides general consulting and training on K2.


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Privacy Policy: At Caprivi, we believe your business is no one else's. Your privacy is important to you and to us. We'll protect the information you share with us and will not sell or give away address or other information shared with us.


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