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Capital expenditures carry large dollar values that calls for tremendous preparation in building a business plan to justify the project or purchase.  Such applications often need to be supported by engineering or market studies that contain detailed cost estimations and ROIs.  These requests often require many levels of approvals from site engineers and General Managers to board level approvals.





Electronic approvals

Multiyear capital budgeting with lockdown

Import or Export budget in Excel or CSV

Designed for multi-disciplinary projects

Request additional funding for scope changes or overruns

Capture expense portions of capital requests.

Link to financial systems for budget vs actual variance reports


User configurable roles and approval limit

Single view of all CapEx requests

Automated multi-level Escalations

Full audit trail reports

Drag and drop configuration

Out of Office delegation

Secure electronic storage of requests and budget

Centralized electronic task management with notifications

iPhone and Android Apps available

Email approvals containing PDF forms

Single sign-on using your network security

Approve non routine operating expenses like Write-offs or legal settlements



CapEx or Authorization for Expenditure (AFE) applications are subjected to longer than normal approval cycles that can take months.


Manual processes often go missing or get stuck in approval process for extended periods of time.


In larger companies, tracking and managing capital requests often requires a full time administrative position.


CapEx and AFE process problems can cause:


Lack of visibility of pending and approved requests

Errors associated with manual processes

Missed deadlines

Incorrect request designation

Unproductive communication

Missing requests

Difficulty in budget planning



Our Solution

Caprivi’s CapEx Software or AFE Request Solution with Capital Budget Management and Capital Expenditure requests uses proven technology that is fully adaptable, completely open, extendable and supportable. The solution also leverages your network security ensuring single sign on.





Caprivi can leverage technology most organizations already own.  Customers who have invested in SharePoint or Office 365, Caprivi can leverage these platforms to provide a familiar look and feel and appear part of an organization’s intranet.  SharePoint or Office 365 can be leveraged but is not a requirement for the Capital Management Software.



Caprivi's CapEx Solution includes:


Secure electronic storage of requests and budget controls

Email Approvals



Full automation of approval processes no matter how complex

Central data and document management

Single view Workflow to track process

Centralized electronic task management with notifications

Consolidated centralized reporting across multiple sites

Rolled up reports from project levels to corporate levels

Out of Office Delegation

Visually stunning reports

Additional review routing


Reports & Tracking

Caprivi’s CapEx 360 Software can limit the number of errors and remove the complicated process of manual reporting associated with capital management.  The capital management and expense software include reporting that can track all approved and pending capital request approvals across the globe.

The software will automatically route the CapEx forms to all approvers specified in the delegation of authority matrix, thus keeping a full audit trail of all comments and decisions made.


By linking the Capital Management software to an existing financial ERP system, it is possible to generate Capital Budget vs Actual Capital expense reports across capital projects.


Typical financial reports include Capital Budget vs Capital Spend, spending by category, spending by capital type, budget vs unbudgeted capital spend.



Post Review

Rich historical data can be collected from the CapEx 360 solution. This data coupled with a CapEx or AFE review makes it possible to identify projects that have benefits and which ones often experience over run.

Organizations can change the way they approve CapEx or AFE requests.  Data can be gathered by region, by category or by project to show % over runs, % on time all in real time with rolled up data from across the organization.


These dashboard reports can be used by managers to identify productivity improvement areas based on quantitative data.  Escalation rules or other process improvement techniques can be applied with measurable results.

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