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Employee Onboarding
IT Change Management
Capital Expenditure
Contract Management
Looking for a smoother business process? Caprivi has developed a solution for typical industry problems such as Employee Onboarding, SharePoint Contract Management, CapEx Request Management and others too. We offer workflow solutions that will better your business.

K2 blackpearl
K2 blackpoint
K2.net 2003
Caprivi Solutions also specialises in K2 blackpear, K2 blackpoint and K2.net 2003 training and migration services.  Please see K2 Online Training for additional training options too.
A brief history of Caprivi Solutions:  The leadership staff at Caprivi Solutions has been involved in developing workflow solutions since 1999.  The main objective was to develop reusable and code free solutions for common problems facing industry and ensuring customers are able to maintain and modify the solution themselves.  The Employee Onboarding Solution was the first one to be developed as the business case can easily be made for it.  The CapEx Request Solution and SharePoint Contract Management Solution followed shortly thereafter and they are all built off the same reusable platform. 
What Makes Caprivi Different?

Caprivi uses a “Best of Breed” approach to achieve workflow automation by leveraging established off the shelf products to assemble workflow solutions without writing code.  This approach ensures a high degree of reusability both in terms of software licensing and hardware infrastructure.  All of Caprivi’s workflow automation solutions are designed to share data with other systems and can all work off the same hardware and software licenses.  The formal class room training provided during implementation allows customers not only to modify and support the solution themselves, but also to reuse components and techniques to automate other business processes.